Sheridan School Student Wins Lake Forest 4th of July Art Contest

Look for his artistic talents on a 4th of July poster, T-shirt.

Jack Sands, a second grade student at Sheridan Elementary School, has already begun building his art portfolio and resume.

As the winner of the Lake Forest 4th of July Art Contest, he will receive a $75 gift certificate to Market Square, be introduced to the community at the 4th of July celebration at Deer Path Park, and his art will grace the posters and T-shirts that will be displayed throughout the community.

His work was chosen over dozens of entries submitted by older, more experienced student artists. Look for more of this young, aspiring artist in the future.

Q. Were you surprised when you found out that you won the 4th of July Art Contest? What went through your mind when you found out that your art will represent this year’s Lake Forest 4th of July Celebration?

A. Yes, I felt overjoyed and proud of myself. 

Q. Do you think that your artistic talents are inherent or have you worked to develop your skills?

A. They’re just in me. I just do art really well. I like art a lot, too.

Q.  What types of things do you do to improve your talents, such as taking classes or studying your favorite artist’s techniques?

A. I listen carefully in art class to my art teacher, Mrs. Tkachuk. I’ve learned about how to use my markers well because she lets us use extra time for free coloring with markers. She is my favorite teacher.

Q. Have you ever won an award for your art before this; are you planning on submitting your work to any other contests in the future?

A. No, I haven’t won any contests for art before now. I’m gonna do the 4th of July one again for sure.

Q. Are you looking forward to being recognized on stage at the 4th of July celebration?

A. I’m sort of nervous because I have to stand in front of so many people. I’m also excited because I’m gonna go on stage for the first time in my life.

Q. What do you think you’ll spend the $75 award on?

A. I might get a long board at Kiddles or a giant soccer ball from the Toy Station. I haven’t really decided yet.


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