St. Mary's Hagnell Is Honored In One Of The School's Most Cherished Traditions

The May Crowning celebrates moral character.

Gianna Hagnell, an eighth grade student at the in Lake Forest, was honored to participate in the May Crowning on May 13.

Hagnell was elected by the girls in the eighth grade class after they reflected upon the virtues of Mary the Blessed Mother, and then voted for the person whom they believed most demonstrated those virtues.

The May Crowning is a highly regarded tradition at the school. Hagnell crowned the statues of Mary with flowers during Masses at both school campuses.


Q. What is it like to know that your peers think of you as someone who lives your life closely aligned to the Mary the Blessed Mother?

A. I am very honored to know that my friends think of me as a kind, forgiving, and loving person. It is great to know that my friends have recognized that inside me and voted for me. 


Q. What do you think are the most important moral and ethical qualities for a person of virtue to have?

A. I believe the most important moral and ethical qualities for a person who resembles Mary are loving, forgiving, faithful, caring, and honest. Following these virtues makes you the best you that you can be.


Q. Who was the most influential person in your life in regards to your moral character?

A. The most influential person in my life in regards to my moral character is my Mom. She would do anything for my sisters and I. She is a wonderful role model, and I look up to her for advice and help every day.


Q. Do you consciously work day to day to live a virtuous life or is it something that is inherent?

A. Day to day, I always try to be the best person I can be.  


Q. Do you think that your good character influences your friends to strive to be better people?

A. My friends influence me. They always push me to try new things, and I can really trust them. They are all the best friends I could ever ask for. 


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