Students, Parents Join Efforts to Learn Japanese Art

Students earn Light of Christ Medal.

Kindergarten was abuzz with excitement the first week of February for Catholic Schools Week with a nursery rhyme show for the parents.  The students dressed in self-made costumes, reciting favorite nursery rhymes and acting out the stories.


Second graders researched an ocean animal at home and wrote informational reports in class. They also designed posters of their animals to demonstrate what the animals look like in their natural environments. These reports were an extension of the second graders' study of the ocean habitat. Students presented their animal reports to their parents during Catholic Schools Week.

Second graders from the joined the Religious Education students in a candlelight service Feb. 7-8. Students in each class designed a poster and wrote a couplet to illustrate one of the many uses of candles.  Students in Room 9 focused on "Baptism Candles", Room 10 focused on "Birthday Candles", and Room 11 focused on "Candles in General". Two students from each room held up their poster at the service while the couplets were read aloud. This prayer service helps the students connect themselves with the person of Jesus, who is Light of the World, to the person of Jesus, whom they will soon receive in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.


In art class, second grade students have been busy learning about Japan’s people, culture and traditions. The students experimented with Japanese brush painting and created lanterns. The children learned about Boy’s Day and Children’s Day and created fish wind socks to honor the holidays.  During Catholic Schools Week, the children invited their parents to art class to create pinch pots to resemble Japanese tea bowls.


Brianna Eisen has been hired as a part-time social worker. Eisen was married at Church of St. Mary and she and her husband are parents of a 2-year-old son.  Eisen has worked in various public schools for grades one through eight over the past few years. Shewill work Monday through Friday. To reach her by e-mail, use beisen@schoolofstmary.org.


Twelve students from the School of St. Mary Pack 49 Wolf Cub Scouts earned the Light of Christ Medal during a Feb. 6 service at the Church of St. Mary. The boys completed many hours of study to earn this award.  They are: Evan Ashley, Finn Casey, Zachary Conn, Casey Hippel, Kevin Hughes, Jerry Kelly, Jack Kipp, Joshua Kreutz, Jack Malloy, Michael Aidan Mullarkey, Frank Pinn and Richard Schabel.


Third graders recently completed a unit of study on biographies. Each student read the biography of a famous person, wrote a report on that person and then gave a presentation in first person while dressed in costume.


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