Gallery: Customers Delighted With Lake Bluff Corn Roast

Annual free event brings crowd to Farmers’ Market.

The one thing that was unanimous about the annual corn roast at the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market Friday was the sweetness of the corn.

“It’s really good, very sweet,” Kathy Sullivan of Lake Bluff said. “It has a sweet flavor and it’s crunchy,” she added comparing it to the corn she boils at home.

Didier Farms, one of the vendors, provided a roaster which cooked the corn in the husk before the outer layer was removed and put on a stick. The other corn providers were Twin Garden Farms and Red Barn Farm Market. The roaster was operated by PNC Bank of Lake Bluff.

“We’ve gone through four bags and there are about 100 ears of corn per bag,” PNC’s Glasa Gottshalk said as she staffed the booth with co workers Mary Erb and Scott Petersen. “It is really good.”

Not only patrons of the market lined up for corn. Mark Leider, one of the vendors, had his fill as well. “It is very sweet, smoky and crunchy,” he said. “In the husk it is much better,” he added referring to his preference to roasted over boiled corn.

Blake, a Lake Bluff Middle School student, had to wait a minute before he started eating. “It’s hot,” he said. “It’s very, very good. It’s much better (than boiled). The smoke changes the taste.”

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