"Back in Black" Seeks to Erase Myths, Stereotypes

Month-long adoption event showcases black dogs, cats.


Black cats and dogs everywhere are donning their dark glasses and engaging their "flashy things" to wipe out the myths and stereotypes about black animals during "Back in Black 2", a national adoption promotion during the month of May by Save-A-Pet.

Supported by national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society, nearly 100 animal rescue groups and shelters across the country including Save-A-Pet are participating. Every day, approximately 9,000 pets are killed in shelters because they don't have a home. Best Friends and the No More Homeless Pet Network Partners are committed to saving them.

Last year, the Back in Black adoption event was introduced to showcase black dogs and cats and give them the best chance at being adopted. More than 900 pets found homes nationwide.

Meet Bookmark the Cat

"While I might not have been the most welcoming kitty in the past, I am making progress thanks to the loving socialization I am getting from some of my friends around here. I often prefer to hang out with other cats and can most times be found sleeping, bunking with a group of other felines. I am also quite playful, even in a group of cats, and I enjoy the laser light and feather toys.

I have recently discovered how great it is to relax in people's laps. I will sit in a lap as long as the person lets me. Just beware, my feisty side might come out when you try to get up! I often bat at people's legs when they get up, as if I'm saying "Hey! I'm not done yet!" If you have the patience and would love to have a playmate for your cat but won't take it personally if I don't always come to your lap, consider me. I am a very sweet cat, who would make a great friend."

- Information compiled by Barbara Cooke


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