Lake Forest Fashion Benefit Assists Abandoned Women in India

White Rainbow Project helps neglected widows with job raining, meals, education.


is hosting its annual Fashion Benefit at 1 p.m. May 16 in the courtyard next to the Mustard Seed, 202 Westminster Ave., in Lake Forest.

The Fashion Benefit will feature stunning, one-of-a-kind tunic tops from the White Rainbow Collection, as well as other fashions from around the world. Tickets are $20 and all ticket sales as well as 10 percent of all merchandise sales that day will be donated to the White Rainbow Project, which is an organization that directly helps the abandoned and neglected widows of India.

According to the website, "widows in India are considered to be unlucky and there are many demoralizing customs associated with widowhood. Many are stripped of all color and allowed to only wear white. Their hair is shaved and they are told to give up all adornment such as jewelry or makeup."

"Many are abandoned and shunned by their families because it is believed it was the woman's "bad karma" that caused the death of her husband.

"Because of this poor treatment, many widows either flock to or are abandoned in the ancient holy cities of Vrindavan and Varanasi where they are told that Lord Krishna will take care of them. Since there are so many widows in Vrindavan, it has come to be known as the City of Widows. Once there, the unfortunate widows are exploited by the town which profits off the various activities revolving around it being a place of pilgrimage."

The mission of the White Rainbow Project is to bring awareness of this issue to the people of India and around the world, and to begin ministering to them in a way that brings back a sense of self. There are many ways that is accomplished, providing meals, arranging living situation, job training, education, and helping with governmental paperwork to receive their pension.

During the May 16 event, Suzanne Baker, founder of Spiritual Spa and spokesperson for White Rainbow Project, will speak on the project's progress.

In case of rain, the event would be held at 1 p.m. May 17. For more information, call (847) 735-0211.

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