Looking for a Buddy?

Cayden has few options; needs a new owner.


Buddy is a sweet 2- or 3-year-old cat rescued by an older woman, who is very sick.

Her friends are looking for a new home for him, and can't say enough good things about this sweet, gentle cat. He is very affectionate and loves to lie near his owner and keep her company.

Debbie Haws, the friend who is trying to find the right home for Buddy, believes he would be a perfect companion for an older person. If you know someone who would love the companionship of a cat who likes to snuggle, call Debbie at (847) 383-5840.


Enter yet another wrecked dog whose life is now in the balance.

Cayden came into Animal Education and Rescue's care in Libertyville when a Libertyville resident called us saying that a “stray black lab mix was roaming their block for a week and wouldn’t get near anyone.”

They were very worried for the dog’s safety. The police were not helpful and they called us reaching out for help. Within 48 hours, after an exciting game of catch-me-if-you-can, we trapped the black lab mix, with the striking, orange-gold colored eyes, in a humane trap.

His owner had him just one night before Cayden, while on a walk, slipped out his collar and took off. Ironically Cayden, then named Henderson, hadn’t gone far…two blocks to be exact. The woman offered Cayden’s back-story.

She learned that Cayden was born at the shelter and had been adopted out a few times as a puppy but returned because they said he “wasn’t active enough.” Once he was full grown no one showed interest in him, likely because he was black, which more often is the kiss of death for a dog or cat, and he was withdrawn, not approaching people when they walked by his cage, looking down as they passed, quiet as a mouse, so he didn’t “show well.”  So there he sat in a cage for three, very long years. 

When we caught Cayden we brought him to the animal hospital where to our delight and relief he had a microchip. Through a round about way we were able to track Cayden to the daughter, who was back at school, and then to the mother. After contacting the mother and speaking to her at length, she said she was unable to help Cayden with his issues and asked if we would take him.

We agreed to take Cayden and the following day Cayden went to a foster home, but had to be brought back to us due to an unexpected altercation with another dog.

Please someone step up and help this poor dog. We believe there is still hope for Cayden.

- Information compiled by Barbara Cooke

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