Rhianna, Skye Would Be Prrrfect House Pets

Up for adoption at Young at Heart Pet Rescue.


I recently brought my three dogs (rescues, of course) to Best Friends Pet Care in Prairie View for their monthly grooming appointments, and I noticed two of the most precious cats I have ever seen!

These darling cats were just sitting in the glass-enclosed cat condo in their lobby, watching all the dogs parade in (or, for some, being dragged in) to be bathed and trimmed up. They are so curious and friendly!

I could not believe Rihanna and Skye are up for adoption with Young at Heart Pet Rescue.

If you, a friend or relative is looking for an older but healthy and oh-so-cute cat, stop by Best Friends, 22096 Pet Lane in Prairie View, or call (847) 634-9444 for more information.

Here is some information on each cat from the Young at Heart website:


Hi there, folks! It’s Me! Rihanna! Aren’t I a pretty girl? I am a complete sweetie pie, mellow and friendly, and I just adore TLC. Yes, I am a love hog, I will admit. I enjoy lap time, being brushed, playtime, snuggles, and whatever other sort of love you would like to bestow upon me! And you won’t be able to resist petting my butter-soft coat! I am about 8 years old, healthy, and very good with my litterbox. I enjoy the company of other kitties and all the volunteers – everyone loves me! Come on out and meet me! You won’t be sorry!


Well hi! This message brought to you by me, Skye! Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I am a gorgeous girl. Don’t you agree? Of course you do! I am a fabulous black kitty, and I am so happy to be here at Young at Heart! I was going a bit batty in the cage I was in at the animal shelter I was rescued from. You can’t imagine how stressful those places can be for a delicate flower like me! I mean, I’m a little shy, and enjoy the quieter things in life – like soft beds, warm laps, and patches of sunshine through the windows.

But the shelter environment got me down, and I was so stressed out I started grooming myself over and over and over in the same spots to try and alleviate some of the stress I was feeling. So when you meet me, don’t be alarmed by some bald patches. I’m doing much better now, and the hair will grow back – and I will be gorgeous from head to tail once more! As for my other qualities, I get along with other kitties, love people (and will even lick you and give you love nibbles to show you how much I adore you!), and am good with my litterbox. I’m healthy and would really love a quieter home. I can’t wait to be snuggled up in someone’s bed again, so if you’re looking for a sweet black kitty, look no further! Here I am!

- information compiled by Barbara Cooke

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