Samuel Rong
Greetings fellow residents of planet Earth.
I'm assuming you clicked on this link so you can learn a little bit more about Patch. But as an on the side bonus, you get to learn something about me! I immigrated to the United States as a boy of 8-years-old. After 11 years, now I'm here. A lot has happened in those 11 years, but you can read my 63 page autobiography for that. I am a Patch reporter by day. Along with my trusty sidekicks, Super Kodak and Wonder Tripod, we explore the fun, the arts, and the happenin's across Libertyville. So in that sense, talk to me if you know of anything fun and exciting that goes on and would like to tell others about it! By dusk, I am a part-time-self-employed-tennis-coach. There lies great joy in passing on the wisdom of one of mankind's most elegant sports to kids. Aside from that, I also play piano. 88 keys are all I have, but the infinite possibilities of music are all open to me. By nightfall, I revert back to my usual lifestyle, which includes graduitous amounts of videogames, Twix icecream bars (icecream is one word, at least in my dictionary), and talking to my lovely girlfriend who is currently in Taiwan.  As of now, I'm only working for Patch during the summer. When fall rolls around, I will once again return to Evanston to continue my education at Northwestern University. I'm a journalism major at the Medill school if you haven't guessed already.  Go Wildcats (I guess that goes for LHS too, even though I graduated from rival VHHS)! Purple Pride! And hooray for all things good and green! Sincerely, Sam
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