Mark David Designs Offers Elegant Interior Decoration

Mark David Designs in Lake Forest offers a wide selection of beautiful pieces, as well as a bevy of other services.

There are a lucky few people who are born with an eye for elegant, traditional interior decoration – Mark David is one of those people.

Mark David Designs in downtown Lake Forest opened just over a month ago, to rave reviews. The store’s upstairs features classic pieces for the home, ranging from furniture and jewel-encrusted picture frames to deliciously-scented candles – and everything in between. The downstairs of Mark David Designs is home to David’s enormous holiday decoration collection, as well as his wall of silk flowers. (You can see a photo gallery of the store here.)

“We tried to create an environment of being in someone’s home,” David said about the store. “There’s texture and sparkle – it’s a traditional look, but lighter.”  

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David began his interior design career when he was 17 and began an apprenticeship. He then moved to the DC area where he helped open a store. Recently, he and his partner Brian Moak, decided to make the move to Lake Forest along with their 2-year-old son, Noah.

“We’ve met a lot of nice people so far,” David said about their transition to Lake Forest. “People have been great – it’s been very positive!”

Concrete plans for the store began in July, when he was getting ice cream with his son. He called about the property, rented it and spent the next couple of months shopping at different markets around the country, including at ones in New York, North Carolina, Dallas and Atlanta.

Mark David Designs also offers interior decorating services and silk flower arrangements. David is an expert at flower arrangement, and can actually re-create flower arrangements from important moments in peoples’ lives, such as their wedding flowers.

Moat, who assists David with the business-side of Mark David Designs, noted that their home is, as expected, also beautifully designed.

“I come home and I can’t believe it’s actually my house!” Moat said with a laugh.

For those who would like to spice up their own home’s interior design – but aren’t yet ready to commit to a full redecoration – David offered up a little helpful advice.

“Try to get in some color and shape,” David said. “And texture is very important – you can do generic and high-end, a mixture of things. And, of course, good lighting!”

Mark David Designs is located at 266 E. Deerpath Road in Lake Forest, and is open from 10-5 on Tuesdays through Saturdays.


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